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Ask Max: How can I customize my Finder sidebar when saving in an application?

Asked on 05/09/2007:

In OS 10, there is a sidebar on the left side of every window (with my preferences, that is). You can place and remove shortcuts to different folders, programs, etc in there.

My question is: When I am within a program (say, InDesign), and I do something like Save As... or Export, a window comes up and asks where to save the file. On the left side of this Save Window, there is that sidebar but I am unable to edit the shortcuts on this one. How would I be able to edit that?


That sidebar in the "Save," "Save As," and "Open" windows should be exactly the same as the one in the Finder windows. If you make a change to the sidebar in a new Finder window then it should also change in the Save/Open windows. You may need to click on the square blue button with the black triangle on it in order to see the side bar navigation. It is the button next to the file name field and it will show or hide the sidebar navigation when you click it. Apple provides access to OS X's Finder navigation for non-Apple programs. This helps software developers better integrate their software with the Mac OS. Some software companies do not use it, but most do.

Make your changes from a main Finder window and you will then see it in the "Save" window.

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