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Ask Max: How can I create wireless network using Airport?

Asked on 04/30/2007:

I have a iMac Power PC G3, 512 mb memory, processor 600MHz. I would like to
create a wireless network in my house, which would include two Windows
computers and the iMac. The iMac does not have a Airport Card. I have a
Linksys Wireless-G broadband router(WRT54G) that I tried to use, I haven't
had any success in my endeavor.
If I purchase a used airport card (a-51540) / or a Airport Extreme Base
Station could I make the wireless network happen.
The iMac OS is Xversion 10.2.8 and 9.2.2.
The Apple Store suggested a new iMac, but I think it should be possible
without going to that extreme.
Your advice and expertise would be appreciated.


Apple no longer sells the tools you need to take your G3 iMac wireless, that's why the Apple Store people could only offer you an extreme solution. You are perfectly right to think that a 600 MHz iMac will connect wirelessly. The original airport card that you mentioned will work, but you will also need an added part. Slot loading G3 iMacs like yours need something called an Interposer. The Airport card will slide into the Interposer and then get inserted into the iMac through the RAM hatch on the bottom of the computer. You need to remember to connect the antenna to the card before you slide the card into the iMac. Here is a link to instructions on installing the Airport card.

There is another solution to go wireless but it will only work in OS X. The Addlogi XWireless-G USB Network Adapter for Mac OS X will also work but it takes a little extra setup. Also, Addlogi Xwill not support OS 10.2.8 but I have tested it and found that if you use the 10.3 driver that it will work in 10.2.8.

Your WRT54G router should work fine, try running the setup utility from the PC and see if that fixes your problem. Also make sure that your DSL / Cable modem is plugged into the port marked as either Broadband, Internet, or WAN. You will want to also turn off the DSL / Cable modem before moving the connection to the wireless router. Then power up everything when the ethernet cables are connected.

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