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Ask Max: How can I convert my iBook AW6 to iWork?

Asked on 06/22/2009:

I've used AW6 on my iBook G4 for years and stacked up a ton of documents. My G4 is developing problems and I need a MacBook replacement, but haven't bought one yet. Now they tell me you can't convey/convert AW6 to iWork. Do you know of any way I could accomplish this: saving my documents. They mean a lot to me.

- Elleswood



Well if you still have AppleWorks 6 installed on the iBook, you can continue to run the program on a new MacBook. Migration assistant will run when you first setup your new Mac and pull over your old programs, documents, and settings. You will then want to delete your imported Apple Works preferences, but after that you can continue to use AppleWorks.

To delete the preferences, you will want to Trash the folder "Macintosh HD/Users/(YOUR USER NAME)/Library/Preferences/AppleWorks" and the file "Macintosh HD/Users/(YOUR USER NAME)/Library/Preferences/ Then start using Apple works as normal. You can then use the 30-Day trial version of iWork to see if you can import your AppleWorks documents. You may have to use AppleWorks to save the file as a Text only document.

- Jacob

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