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Ask Max: How can I connect my G4 Power Mac to a new Apple 24

Asked on 09/11/2009:


I have a dual G4 tower, and will be buying a new MacBook soon. I would like to buy a new Apple display that works for both. Is that possible? From what I can tell the 24" monitor only supports input from the mini-dvi port, which will work for the MacBook. I do not see a way of hooking the G4 tower to that. Are there any other options?





Unfortunately Apple has done it again. They jumped into a new connector format without a thought about the Mac user who has older Mac equipment. The 24" Apple LED display is a truly great companion to the new Mac laptops. Although they work on all new Macs, the 24" display is a docking station for laptops. They provide power and a host of desktop features to give you two macs from one. A Mac Laptop tied to a 24" Apple display is a perfect package, and I would like you to have that experience. Sadly that the new display will not work on your G4 tower. It may be better to just get a low end LCD display for the G4 and then use the 24" LED display as your MacBook's docking station.

Here is a nice one but there are many good sub $150 displays.

- Jacob


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