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Ask Max: Help! My "g" key isn't workinj!

Asked on 05/14/2009:

MacBook OS X 10.4.11

My problem: Letter following G on keyboard does not print - instead prints for cap and ? for small. I will use letter J in it's place. (It does make for interesting emails - kinda like a puzzle to read) Any suggestions jow to fix. It's been tjat way about 7 montjs.

Now let me explain - I live in Sayulita, Mexico. I cannot find a qualified person tjat works on Macs, even in Puerto Vallarta. Macs are not sold in Mexico but many of us "Grigos" jave Macs and love tjem. Anotjer tjing, I am a very basic user - email, news, google, live TV news from Portland - about all I use it for. I jave several reference books, i.e. "Mac OSX Tiger for Dummies" (give you a clue on my expertise?) Besides I am old!

Wjat do you tjink? Any way to correct from Mexico or will I jave to bring up to Portland. We do jave guys wjo know computers jere and maybe witj some instruction could fix (if simple fix) I'll be up tjere for 2 weeks at Xmas. Really don't want to pack computer up as time (and baggage) will be very limited.


Well this is a new one for me, but I suspect that it has something to do with how OS X identified your keyboard. You can try to reset your keyboards identification by deleting the file that stores information about your keyboard. The file is called "" and it is located in the Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/ Folder. Find the file and drag it to the trash. Restart your computer and see if that fixes your "H" problem. If the keyboard assistant opens, just close it with the little red button on the upper left hand corner of the window.

If you are still having issues typing "H," then try switching fonts. It could be a problem with the default font you are using. Open the Text Edit Application and use the [Command] + [T] key combination to open the Fonts window and try typing H in different fonts. If you find H to be working in other Fonts, then you may need to reinstall your default System fonts.

If the "H" is persistently displayed incorrectly regardless of font, I would next recommend you try using a different USB keyboard. It does not need to be a Mac keyboard, you can use a Windows USB keyboard to test with. See if the problem is identical on the other keyboard, if it isn't, you may want a new keyboard.

I hope one of these things will work for you.


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