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Ask Max: HD icon is no longer on the desktop

Asked on 10/24/2007:

Hey Jacob - thanks for being willing to take questions.I noticed some time back that, with all the stuff on my desktop, I haven't seen my hard drive icon for a while. I'm running Tiger on a G5 tower Power PC and have tried using Disk Utility/Disk First Aid, but that doesn't bring it back. So I'm wondering how worrisome this is...?


You do not need to be worried if your hard drive disappears off the Desktop. You can set the computer to not show your hard drive or other items on the Desktop, and that same setting can bring it back. Click once on your desktop and then select Preferences from the Finder menu. Under the general section you will see three checkboxes under the "Show these items on the Desktop:" Mark all three of them and see if that brings back your hard drive.Hope that helps, let me know.

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