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Ask Max: G5 dual 2.0 or Mac Pro 3.0 for HD editing?

Asked on 09/20/2006:

Jacob, I am an editor preparing to cut an HD project.What kind of differences are there between the G5 dual 2.0 I have and a Mac Pro 3.0?


The Xeon processors used in the Mac Pro and the G5 processors you have now are very similar. Both are 64-Bit processors and both are not too different in benchmarks. What would be of more concern for your comparison is that the Mac Pro is a Quad Core system and has a faster clock speed. Your G5 is just a dual processor at a two thirds the speed of the Mac Pro. If you are planning on using a Universal version of Final Cut Studio, then I would say that the upgrade to a Mac Pro from an older G5 is definitely going to help with your HD video editing project. Not to mention that the Mac Pro has more internal drive capacity.The G5 is not obsolete by any means but for the cutting-edge work, like HD video, the Mac Pro would be better.

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