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Ask Max: Grandson wants a Black MacBook Duo - what is that?

Asked on 02/27/2009:

My 16 yr old grandson has asked all family members to pool together to purchase a black Macbook duo. I have no clue as to what he needs. Could you please make a suggestion? When I tried to find prices on these the different things available, boggled my mind. How many of what would he need? Any help and you time is greatly appreciated.


This is a good time to buy a used Black MacBook because they have recently been discontinued. That means that they are cheaper than a new Aluminum Unibody MacBook, but still are fast and can be bought with an Apple warranty.

A Black MacBook would "make" any teenager's Christmas. They can come "fully loaded" with 2 GB RAM and a 250 GB hard drive. If a fully loaded model is over the collective budget of the family there may be some other pre-owned options that you can look at. You may also find a few open-box Black MacBooks in our special value Mac section. I would also suggest you call our PowerMax sales team to find the best deal on possible incoming trades.

Focus on an Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook with at least 1 GB of RAM. Make sure you tell them that you need a Black MacBook, as that immediately limits the search to a small selection of computers.

Hope that helps,


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