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Ask Max: Getting Your G3 Networked

Asked on 11/28/2008:

Have network with a G5/10.4 and a Belkin "N" wireless router. Have a Dell networked but I can't get the G3 on the network. Tried with a Belkin Ethernet "G' but it won't make the connection. Configure TCP/IP several different ways (DHCP/Manual) but no dice.






These Wi-Fi to ethernet adapters, like the Belkin unit you have, are great for connecting older Apple laptops and Apple computers to a wireless network. Because you have both PCs and Macs you have two options. You can program this Belkin Wireless Ethernet Bridge via your Dell with the setup wizard included on the CD that came with in the box. Connect the device to your Dell with an ethernet cable and use the setup wizard as if you were going to use it to get your Dell on the network with the adapter. Once you have the Dell online via the Wireless Ethernet Bridge, disconnect it from the Dell and plug the ethernet cable into the G3 Apple computers ethernet jack.

Then it is just a matter of setting the G3's TCP/IP settings to use DHCP.


If you do not want to use the Dell for this or you have problems, you can use a web browser. First you have to set your G3 computer's TCP/IP settings to Manual, and set the following settings.



IP address:



Save those settings and then open a browser and type this IP address into the browsers address bar:

That should get you to the router’s web interface to finish the setup based on the users manual. After you configure your adapter you will have to change the TCP/IP settings on your G3 back to DHCP.




Here's a link to your Belkin G Gaming Adapter downloadable user manual.


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