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Ask Max: Getting old Mac programs to work on Newer Macs

Asked on 11/14/2007:

I have an old Mac [6200CD] with OS8.1, I was wondering if the older programs [A-10, Duke Nukem, etc] would work on a newer iMac G4, G5 or the Intel-based Mac.


In most cases I have had great success running my older applications in Classic. Classic is an OS 9 emulator that runs in OS X. Unfortunately, Classic only works on PowerPC Macs with an OS of 10.4.x or lower. The new Leopard OS will not support Classic and Intel Macs will not support it in any OS. An iMac G4 or iMac G5 would be a great computer to run both new programs and older programs.

If you had your heart set on a new Intel Mac, then there are ways to get older applications to run on the latest Apple hardware, but they take a little effort to get running. I like Mini vMac.

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