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Ask Max: Getting a refurb G3 on a fast internet connection

Asked on 02/27/2007:

I have a refurbished G3 (Mac OSX version 10.2, 450 Mhz & approximately 896 MB) and would like to give it to my mom for strictly the internet; mostly e-mailing. I had dial-up on it "once upon a time," but what I'd really like to do is some how make it accessible with DSL and, if at all possible, hook it up to the new Airport base station. Are the peripheral gadgets out there? Or am I stuck with the infernal "dial-up?"


One of the many things I love about Macs is the variety of connections available in every model. Apple is constantly looking forward and making sure that users have as many connection ports as reason would allow. Because of that forward thinking, your G3 will have an ethernet port built-in. That will be the best way to connect to a DSL line. When you set up your mom with DSL just make sure the modem they provide has an ethernet port, and most do. That ethernet connection can connect directly to the G3 or to an Airport Base Station. If there is a phone line near where you are setting up the computer, then I would recommend just connecting the DLS modem directly into the G3. If the computer is away from where the DSL modems connect or there will be more than one computer on the network, you can certainly use an AirPort Base Station. You can still use the ethernet port on the G3 but you will need an ethernet to wireless adapter. Linksys makes the WET54G model that I have used before.Stay wired if possible but you have many options. Hope that helps.

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