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Ask Max: G5 System Preferences Window Will Not Go Away

Asked on 11/25/2008:

I have a G5 running 10.4.11.

Recently for no apparent reason when I go to system preferences and choose network I get a window ™your network preferences have been changed by another application™, when I click the ok button the window will not go away. I have to force quit sys. Prefs. to continue. Restarting has no effect. Any help would be appreciated.


This may be a situation where dumping your network preferences could help. They are located in the ™Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration™ folder. You can throw the whole SystemConfiguration folder into the trash and then restart your system. This should take you back to default settings and you will need to go into your Network Preferences and make changes and save them to get things back to normal.

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