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Ask Max: G5 Power Mac or 20" iMac

Asked on 10/02/2008:

I have always liked the tower Power Macs and thought that the G4 Power Macs were the best looking machines out there. However: feeling that that they may be a bit slower as an upgrade option I was looking at a G5 Power Mac 2.0 mhz/dual or a new or almost new 2.66mhz , 20' iMac. I'm still using OS 10.4 and can't see any benefit to myself with going to OS 10.5. Would you share an opinion on which machine would be the fastest and give the most service. I do very little video, a lot of Powerpoint presentations, and the rest is internet browsing, emails and downloads.


I have always held the opinion that any Intel iMac is the sweet spot for most Mac users. It uses a modern and fast processor, so the next system upgrade is years off. It has more than enough power for basic computer but that allows users to expand and do more, which is why we have Macs.

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