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Ask Max: G4 Mirror Door Cinema Display?

Asked on 11/15/2006:

I'm considering one of your G4 mirror door dual processor (1 or 1.25 mhz) so I can run both OS 9 and 10. Question: are these machines compatible with the newly released 20" Cinema display? (it must be compatible with the older one, right?)


Every 20" Apple LCD has had OS X as one of the system requirements. This has caused some debate among Apple users because it's difficult to imagine a display needing a particular operating system. Graphics cards are an understandable requirement, but an OS has little to do with the performance of most displays. The reason that you need to have Mac OS X with these displays is that the control for the brightness and contrast are only available trough the OS X Display Preference. The display will work with OS 9, but won't be adjustable. What you see is what you get in OS 9. However, it is an Apple display so chances are good you will like what you see from that display in any OS.

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