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Ask Max: Fonts as Email Attachments

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I am running 9.2.2 so I can still use PageMaker. I have a new project which has been sent to me from a Mac using OS 10.2, and employing .dfonts I've downloaded dfontifier, converted the dfonts to font suitcases, but for some reason can't attach these new font suitcases to email to send to my other machine. I can send the dfonts that way just fine, but something about the new files won't attach, any suggestions?


Sometimes when you are sending files that an email application can use, like fonts, the program can get confused. It does not know if you want to send those fonts as an attachment or use them for the text you are going to write in that email. I would recommend that you package those font files before you send them.

The best way to do this in OS X would be to use Disk Utility in your utilities folder. Click on "New Image" and when it prompts you to name the image, name it "Fonts." Before you click on the Create button, make sure you're saving to the desktop, the size is set to "2.5 MB," and the format is "read/write disk image." Now a "Fonts" disk should be mounted on your desktop. You can now copy all those fonts onto this "Fonts" disk just like any hard drive. After you are done copying files you just eject the disk. All the copied files are stored in the Fonts.dmg file also found on the Desktop. Attach the Fonts.dmg file to your email and send it over to the other computer.

Now if both your computers are running OS 9 then you are going to have to package the font files using a different method. Stuffit would be a good application to use for this. It will take those files and compress them into a .sit or .zip file that then can be attached easily to your email.

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