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Ask Max: Flower Power iMac accessories also Flowery?

Asked on 10/29/2007:

You have a Flower Power iMac for sale "c-u61492", and my question is this: Does the keyboard and mouse have the same matching pattern as the CRT? Did Apple make matching keyboards for Flower Power and Blue Dalmation as they did for the grape and blueberry iMacs?


Apple never made matching keyboards for the Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian iMac G3. They instead used the standard black-keyed and clear plastic cased Apple Pro Keyboard. This was the same for all the slot-loading iMacs after Apple ditched the fruit names for the colors. Up to that point the keyboards matched the iMac color. It is important to note though, that PowerMax can't always match the keyboards and mice that originally shipped with the computer. You just have to imagine some of the filthiest keyboards you have ever seen and then smile at the notion that if we can't sanitize it, we toss it into the recycle dumpster.

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