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Ask Max: Flash memory drive's software will not install on a G5

Asked on 05/09/2007:

Hi Jacob, my question is about the Memorex Mini Travel Drive 2GB. I have a G5 and when I insert the device the installer comes up on the desktop, I double click and a page with these words: "There is no default application specified to open the document. Portable Vaultinstaller V2p5.1exe." Then I try to find one and nothing will open it up. I must be doing something wrong, what could it be? Oh yes, it says to restart the computer, I did that.I live in the Palm Desert, CA area and there are no Apple Stores within 100 miles from here, so no one to ask for help.I will buy anything from you that will do this for me.We bought our G5 desk model from you.


The root of your problem has to do with the software you are trying to install. Any file that ends with a ".exe" is a Windows-only application. There is nothing installed on a Mac that will run it. You are not doing anything wrong. The truth is, when using a USB flash memory drive like the Memorex Mini TravelDrive, you do not need any software at all. As long as you are plugged into a USB port on the computer (don't use the keyboard ports), the drive should just show up on your desktop. The files on that drive are just extra applications, you do not need to use them to copy files to the drive.

The truth is in most cases you wouldn't want the features that the Windows-only application offers. You can safely trash any file on that drive to make room for your own files. If you are only going to use this drive with Macs, you can use the Disk Utility to erase the drive before you move your files onto it.

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