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Ask Max: Firefox is acting up in Snow Leopard 10.6.1, any suggestions?

Asked on 02/26/2010:

Hi Jacob,

I have an early 2008 MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro desktop. I upgraded the MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard as soon as it was available last month and then upgraded the desktop to Snow Leopard just a few days ago.

Firefox (3.5.3) is not playing in the sandbox well with either machine. At first it was only the laptop. But the same problem started appearing on the desktop as soon as it was upgraded. The problem is that Im getting very frequent Cant Find Server messages with Firefox after the upgrade. Both Macs are now running OS X 10.6.1. It is extremely annoying as you can guess. And Im too stubborn to change to Safari.

If I open Terminal and use the dscacheutil flushcache command, the problem almost always goes away and the next click connects fine. I have a satellite ISP whose modem is connected to a Time Capsule base set via ethernet. The laptop connection is wireless, and the desktop is connected via ethernet (and Airport is turned on).

Would appreciate any suggestions.

Many thanks,

- Stan


I have not seen that issue on any other Firefox/Snow Leopard computers. It could be an issue with your ISPs DNS server not working well with your Mac OS internal Caching. I would recommend that you change the DNS setting on your Apple router to be a different Domain Name Server (DNS). I sometimes use these servers and for reliable alternative to what I get from my ISP.

Input those two IP addresses in your Bass Station's DNS field and then save them . Renew your DHCP address on your Macs to get the updated DNS info. Also turn off Airport on your desktop system so it is only looking at one network interface.

- Jacob

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