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Ask Max: File Migration From iMac to Mac Pro

Asked on 09/29/2008:

I’m currently setting up my new Mac Pro, transferring from my old iMac. The amount of memory on my new HD shows it transferred all the data but I can't find or run Final Cut Studio or any of its other programs. I was gonna remove the transfer, remove Final Cut off the old iMac and re-transfer over the info - then install Final Cut. Can you help me find the files on my Mac Pro before going through that step?


The Migration Assistant that first runs on new Macs can be configured to grab user files, settings, and applications. It also can sometimes skip some of the data, which could have happened during your migration. If you are sure that all the items were selected for the migration, try using the Spotlight search to find some of those application files. Perhaps they are in a unexpected place. If you can't find those files then try reinstalling the full Final Cut Studio on the Mac Pro and see if you can find your FCP project files from within the applications. Even if the applications were not moved over, your preferences and media most likely did make it over.

If you find that nothing moved over as you expected, you could always rerun the Migration Assistant from your Utilities folder.

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