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Ask Max: Emailing Word Files From iWork To Word Users

Asked on 10/14/2008:

I have both Office X and the latest iWork. I would like to be able to directly send a Word file to other attorneys (most of whom use Word). I know I can Export as Word and then attach the file through Mail. In Office X I just go to send and can send an E-mail with the file. Is there some work around, perhaps using the latest version of Applescript?

My guess is there are many other professionals with this same problem.


Looking through Automator, I did not see a good way to export from Pages a MS document attached to an email. You could probably use an Applescript to achieve this but I am not a big user of Applescript, so that is not a definite yes.

Apple includes the built-in Automator function that will let you email a PDF of your document from the print screen. To access this feature, select ™Print™ from your File menu and then click on the PDF button. The drop-down menu will have a ™Mail PDF™ option. Select that option and Mail will open up a new document with that PDF attached.

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