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Ask Max: DVI to S-Video Adapter: Only on the G5?

Asked on 11/02/2006:

Is there any particular reason that the DVI to video adapter will only support the G5? I have to convert a DVI signal to S-video in order to be able to record from my Bell PVR to my DVD recorder and this product is exactly what I am looking for but in your description it says it will only work with the G5.... will this work with my situation or not? If not do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much!!!


DVI has more then one form of connector for the same plug. There is DVI-I and DVI-D with dual link versions of both. DVI-I has both analog and digital video in one connection. DVD-D has only the digital video signal. The way to tell them apart is that DVI-I has four extra pins around the large flat pin. On the female end of the connection it looks like cross-hairs. The DVI to video adapter will work on all DVI-I connections and not just G5 computers.. Your Bell PVR may only have a DVI-D connection so this cable would not fit. You will have to check the back of your PVR. I have not found many DVi-D to S-Video adapters.Good luck and tell me how it works out.

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