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Ask Max: Does the MacBook Pro support the accessibility needs of the handicapped?

Asked on 02/16/2009:

Hello Sir,
Does the Macbook Pro have features like Windows' Control Panel Sticky Keys that allow a handicapped person to type things (i.e. colon, percent sign) without having to hold down the SHIFT key and another key at the same time? I have paralysis in my hand (I can only use my right hand) so my fingers are bent and this makes it difficult to press two keys at once.

Does the Macbook Pro offer special features to allow someone who is paralyzed to use the trackpad, let's say, with the knuckles instead of with the ball of your fingers?









The Mac OS has a well-developed group of Accessibility Features that can assist people of differing ability. They are a core component of the operating system and can be enabled from the System Preferences. The section to make the accessibility changes in is Universal Access. You will be most interested in the options under the Keyboard tab. Just as with Windows there is a feature called "Stick Keys" that will let you press a series modifier keys one at a time to activate the key combination.

The trackpad will respond to any skin contact point so you should have many control options with the MacBook Pro.

I hope this helps let me know how it works out for you.




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