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Ask Max: Do Macbook Pros keyboards have issues with the Option key?

Asked on 06/03/2010:

Hi Jacob,

I have a 2006-era MacBook Pro, on which many of the keys on the built-in keyboard have never worked, such as volume, mute, etc. all of a sudden, my option key no longer works to toggle thru startup disks...any solutions? I had the keyboard replaced along with the logic board at its one year birthday, but the keys continued to not function pun intended!

- Sue


™MacBookI would assume it is not a hardware issue because of the replacement of the keyboard and most times all buttons stop working with hardware failure. It could be a settings issue that is set to ignore special function values by default. In the Macbook Pro System Preferences, Select the ™Keyboard™ option. Under the Keyboard Tab look to see if there is a checkmark in the checkbox for ™Use all F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys.™ Remove the Checkmark if it is in that checkbox.

In that same Preference window is a [Modifier Keys..] button, click on that button. Then check to make sure that your [Option] key was not remapped to another function.

Hope this helps,

- Jacob

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