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Ask Max: Do I need to connect my Bluray or Direct TV tuners to my Apple wireless network?

Asked on 05/29/2009:

I have an Apple wireless base station with my IMac 24. I also have a Sony Blueray player and a DirecTV tuner. Both with Ethernet ports. What do I need to connect these devices to my Apple wireless network?


What you need is a wireless to Ethernet bridge, I like the Linksys G Wireless Bridge. If you add a small Netgear Ethernet switch to the setup you can have many devices connected to the one Ethernet bridge.

Because you are using an Apple base station, you have the option of using an Airport Express in place of the Linksys bridge. This would be a much better solution. You will set up the Express a WDS extension to your wireless network. Then you will share the Ethernet connection with the switch from above. The Express will also allow you the share your audio over the network, through the AirTunes port.

Hope that helps,


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