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Ask Max: Display Problems

Asked on 07/31/2014:

Hi, my main monitor port stopped working all of a sudden: went to black. When I plug my monitor (an Acer) into the other port, I have limited resolution capability (only 800 x 600). Does the port not working mean there is a card issue, or other larger problem?


The first thing you should attempt is to reset the Parameter Memory (PRAM or NVRAM):

  1. Shut your Mac all the way down

  2. Press the power button and immediately press COMMAND + OPTION + P + R all at once, before the gray screen appears or immediately after you hear the startup sound.

  3. Hold down these keys until your Mac starts up a second time or you hear the startup sound again.

  4. Release the keys.

​This should force the machine to re-create the video settings. Should that not bring the system back to normal, I’d recommend having an authorized service department take a look. It might require hardware service.

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