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Ask Max: Disk troubles...

Asked on 08/28/2006:

I own a LaCie 160GFA Porsche external firewire hard drive. The hard drive has always been kinda shady about showing up on my desktop and making folders disappear. Recently it has stopped showing up on my desktop period. I have tried: unplugging, updating software from, opening "disk utility" and clicking on its icon. None of this works. It has identified my "disk utility" but when i try to verify or repair the disk, I get an: "Verify and Repair disk "Brain 3"Checking HFS Plus volume.Checking Extents Overflow file.Checking Catalog file.Invalid sibling link_Volume check failed.Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit1 HFS volume checked 1 volume could not be repaired because of an errorSo my question to you is...... a. is the problem my computer or the LaCie product? b. is there a way to fix it? or have I lost everything on the disk. p.s. both of my roommates have Macs. Should i try hooking it up to their computers?


From the looks of your repair log it looks like LaCie Drive is failing. Your data is not necessarily lost. I would recommend you try Disk Warrior to repair that volume. Many times Disk Warrior can repair a volume when all other utilities have failed. ( You could try moving the drive to another computer but if your data is not backed up any other place I would not risk trying to fix it many times with Apple's Disk Utility. Once with Disk Warrior should do it. After you recover the data move it off that drive and reformat the drive before using it again. If it has always been a problematic drive you may want to contact LaCie about getting a replacement.

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