Asked on 10/02/2008:

Looking to buy my first Mac. On the website they indicate that the MacBook Pro comes loaded with Photo Booth. I thought it came loaded with iPhoto. Is there a difference and what would those differences be? Can you edit and categorize photos on both?

Answer:Photo Booth is a simple application, built into most new Macs, that lets you use an iSight camera as a snapshot camera to take your picture. It does let you add crazy effects and cool backgrounds to the pictures before you take the picture. Kids love it, but adults often forget it’s there.

The more useful application, iPhoto, is no longer included on new Macs, but it is available on older Macs or can be bought with an ™iLife™ package. As of Yosemite 10.10.4, iPhoto is no longer supported. Instead, every new Mac comes with Photos, which is pretty much iPhoto named a little differently

Both iPhoto and the newer Photos mange a large photo library that can span a decade or more of your precious pictures. They also enable the user to make adjustments to your photos to correct small imperfections. You can edit, crop, resize, and even do some color correction in iPhoto or Photos.