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Ask Max: Damaged MacBook CD/DVD Drive

Asked on 12/11/2008:

My Macbook fell this morning -- it works but the CD/DVD drive seems to be physically damaged - I can't even insert a CD in it.... Is that a part that can be easily changed? Can I do it myself? How much time would the repair take? And finally, can you recommend any drives to look for?


[caption id="" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The White MacBook"]The White MacBook[/caption]

You can replace the MacBook's drive yourself but it would be better to have an Apple Authorized Service center do it for you. The replacement part will likely cost you $200 to $300 but should only take a half of an hour to replace it. Using a Service center will also give the tech a chance to see if the drop did more damage than just the Optical Drive.

If price is overly concerning to you, Searching Google by the drive model number will bring up some budget options. You can also go with an external USB Super drive until you want to fully replace the drive you have. Eventually there could be a Blu-Ray drive upgrade for your MacBook. That way you will get more for your upgrade dollars.

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