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Ask Max: Copy files to a CD with an iBook G4

Asked on 02/27/2007:

I bought a used, under warranty iBook G4 from you last July. It has a combo drive. When I try to copy something to the drive, I get an error message saying it cannot find the program. Since I didn't receive any program disks with the purchase, what am I missing and/or what do I need in order to copy to a CD?


Modern Mac computers support "Desktop Burning" for the creation of data CDs. No additional software is required. With Desktop Burning you just need to insert a blank disc. The system should ask if you want to open it in the Finder, iTunes, or Disk Utility. For data discs choose "Open in Finder." If you do not get this option you can set it in System Preferences in the "CDs & DVDs" section. Change both the "When you insert a blank CD:" and "When you insert a blank DVD:" pull down menus to "Ask what to do." When you have opened a blank disc in the finder you will be able to copy files to that disc icon. Then you just need to drag the disc to the trash. The trash basket will turn into a black and yellow burn symbol. Sometimes there is a problem with the OS X burn engine. This could be part of your problem. If when you attempt to burn you get the error you listed above, it could be a corrupted or missing part of the OS. One fix would be to install a Combo update of your OS, which could replace the offending OS component. It is important that you use a Combo update.If that does not help let me know what exactly the error says and when in the process it appears.

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