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Ask Max: Converting Files in iTunes

Asked on 10/03/2012:

I'm looking to convert my iTunes Library from AIFF files to Apple Lossless as I understand there is no loss in Sound Quality and that the Lossless files are roughly 50% smaller. I tried a sample on an album by using "Select All" then Right Clicking on the highlighted areas, then "Convert To Apple Lossless" and this does the job. The only problem is that it leaves the original files in tact (does not delete them) and since I have over 6,000 songs having to manually delete the AIFF files one by one would be a major pain, so is there a way to covert without retaining the AIFF files?


To be honest, iTunes default behavior is a little too cautious. The conversion process is designed to be non-destructive. You may possibly be able to craft an automator script in OSX 10, that would convert a file, then move the original to a different folder that you can toss once the process is completed. That may shave some work time off of the conversion process.

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