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Ask Max: Connecting to a Bluetooth remote control

Asked on 12/05/2007:

I have a friend's bluetooth remote control that I want to use with my iMac (mine was smashed -long story- I'm actually testing his out to see if it works, and if it does, I'm going to try to buy a new one. How can I synchronize the new remote so that my iMac will work with it? Is there a way to make it "discoverable?"

If there is a way to make this work, where can I purchase a replacement remote control?


Most bluetooth devices will have a Pair, Connect, or Link button somewhere on the remote control that will make it discoverable for a period of time. It is often in the battery compartment or on the bottom of a remote or mouse. Once you make a device discoverable, you then can use the Apple Bluetooth Setup Assistant to add the device. Some devices are only discoverable for 30-90 seconds, so you may have to hit the button a few times. Also if you are asked to enter a pass code, it is often four zeros, but refer to the devices manual.

Now if you just want to replace the Apple IR remote, that is available and much easer to use. It should work with your iMac right out of the box.

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