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Ask Max: Connecting an iPod to your Car's Aux Input

Asked on 09/16/2008:

I have a new Honda Accord with a Aux input - suppose this is for iPod, dealer told me. I want to know what cable should I use to connect my iPod to this Aux input?


Typically Aux in port on a car's stereo come in two flavors. The most useful is a 1/8th inch jack on the face of the unit. With this kind of connection you just need a cable that plugs into the headphones of your iPod and the Aux jack on the face of the unit. This ethernet cable will do the trick. The cable plugs are the same on both ends.

The other common kind of connection is via RCA connects on the back of the car's stereo. Those types require that you remove the stereo and plug in the cable to the back of the unit. The other end of the cable needs to be fished behind the dashboard to an accessible place. It will again plug into your iPod's headphone jack. This can be a little harder to install and use. Here is the audio adapter cable you would need.

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