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Ask Max: Connecting a G3 to an eMac

Asked on 06/21/2006:

We have two Macs; an old G3 running a version of OS 9 something and an eMacrunning OS 10.3.5.

I have a few questions:
1. Can we link the G3 and eMac together through an Ethernet port?
2. If yes, will we need to do anything to prep the G3?
3. Will the G3 then run through eMac?
4. Can two non-techie folks accomplish this task? Where can we find instructions?


You most certainly can connect both those computers together with Ethernet. You can connect the two systems in a variety of ways. If you are connecting to the Internet via a dialup modem then you probably will just want to get a "crossover" ethernet cable. This is a special kind of cable that is meant primarily for computer-to-computer network connections. One end will plug into the G3 and the other end plugs into your eMac. Another way to connect the two computers is with regular ethernet cables and a hub, switch, or router. This is particularly helpful if you have a DSL/Cable high-speed connection. A router with a built in switch would be the best solution. Both computers will connect with a standard ethernet cable to the switched side of the router and the cable/DSL box will connect to the "Broadband" port. This would also work without anything connected to the Broadband port, so if you plan on getting a high-speed Internet connection in the future you will already have the equipment.

Now that the physical connection is established, you will have to set up both computers to see each other. On the eMac you need to go to System Preferences and click on "Network". Double click on Built-in Ethernet and click on the "AppleTalk" tab. Check the checkbox next to "Make AppleTalk Active." Now go back to the main System Preference window and select "Sharing." Under the Services tab is a listing of services your computer can do. Check the checkboxes next to "Personal File Sharing" and "Printer Sharing." If your eMac connects to the Internet via a dialup modem connection, click on the "Internet" tab. From the pull down menu select Modem and click on the checkbox next to "Built-in Ethernet" to allow users on ethernet use your eMac's modem connection.

On the OS 9 G3, you should update to the most recent version of OS you can. It should be OS 9.2.1 and is available free from Apple. From the OS 9 Control Panels menu, found under the Apple Menu, select TCP/IP. Change the Connection pull down menu to "Ethernet" and set the Configure pull down menu to "DHCP." Close the window and save the settings. Again from the Control Panels menu go to "AppleTalk" and make sure it's active on Ethernet. Now you can go to the "Chooser" under the Apple menu and select AppleTalk. In the window you should see your eMac and clicking on it will prompt you enter a username and password. Use the username and password set when you first setup your eMac. Now you should be able to share files and an Internet connection.

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