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Ask Max: Connecting a Digital Projector to an iMac

Asked on 12/12/2011:

I just bought a 27™ iMac and I want to hook it up to my digital projector that has a DB-15 VGA port. What adapter is needed to connect the iMac to my projector?




The 27™ iMac can use the Apple Mini-Displayport to VGA video adapter for use with VGA compatible projectors. You can also use a Mini-Displayport to VGA display cable.

VGA may not always just "plug-and-play," so you might have to go through some configuration manually. To do that, go to System Preferences > Displays > Detect Displays.

If other readers are in need of a different configuration, like Thunderbolt to VGA, we have many different variations of adapters and cables. Define your needs, and call the Mac Experts for help. 

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