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Ask Max: Cloning from PowerPC to Intel Macs

Asked on 12/05/2007:

I'm hoping you don't mind more questions. I just picked up some gear from PowerMax yesterday. Most importantly I bought a new Mac Pro desktop to replace my older G4 tower. Now I was hoping to use Carbon Copy Cloner to just clone my old drive and move it over to the new machine to so I don't have to install all my apps one by one. I've had luck using CCC on similar machines but do you think it will work going from a G4 to an Intel Mac or am I just asking for trouble trying that?

Also I have a few PCI cards that I'm hoping to swap out. A Radeon ATI (not sure the #) which is probably 6 years old as well as a 4 port Firewire card and an AudioWerk 2 sound card. Do you anticipate me having problems with these? I should have thought about this before I purchased the tower.

Oh one more quick one. Is it possible to hook my old G4 to my television set? It's not a flat screen HD but I believe it has an s-video connection.


Although I love Carbon Copy Cloner, it is not always appropriate. This is particularly true for moving from a PowerPC Mac to an Intel Mac. The PowerPC and Intel Macs use completely different versions of Mac OS X. Both work the same but they are not interchangeable. In your case the best thing to do is use the Migration Assistant that runs when you first start up your new Mac. You can also launch the Migration Assistant after the first run; it's a program in the Utilities folder. In addition to the personal files moved over, the Migration Assistant will also move over your application. The end result will be something similar to what you would of had if you used Carbon Copy Cloner.

The PCI cards you have will not work with the Mac Pro. Apple has started using a newer standard called PCI Express for expansion cards. PCIe is not compatible with older PCI cards. Although your cards will not work, I think the Mac Pro will do more than what those cards offered.

You can use that computer with the TV in a few ways. Which way you can connect to a TV will depend on what kind of video card you have. Some ATI cards have S-Video connections and that will connect directly to your TV. Then you just need to connect the audio. Apple also makes a DVI to Video Adapter if your video card has a DVI-I port.

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