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Ask Max: Charging Your iPod Battery

Asked on 06/21/2006:

I just bought an older 30gb iPod from a friend of mine. The battery won't charge thru the computer very well. Do you think I need a new battery installed or is there a separate charger besides using the computer to charge up the iPod? Will having a newer battery be a better deal? Should I trade in this older iPod for a newer or refurbished one? I'm at a loss and wanna use my new iPod.


Some iPods need more power than others to charge. The third generation iPods (3G iPods have four buttons at the bottom of the screen) can only charge via FireWire. All iPods have trouble charging on USB 1.1 ports. If your computer doesn't have a USB 2.0 or a FireWire 400 port you will need to buy a wall charger. The wall charger will have a FireWire or USB port on it and it will allow you to plug in your iPod's data cable to charge.

If you have this iPod connected to a properly powered port on your computer and it still won't charge, you will most likely need a new battery. The good news is that replacement batteries are better than the Apple original batteries. The charge lasts longer and will have a longer lifespan. If your battery is truly dead, I would recommend that you buy a battery replacement kit. Many kits will have instructions and tools to help you do it yourself... just take your time.

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