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Ask Max: Changing the admin user's name?

Asked on 02/27/2007:

Hello. I bought several MacBook Pros. I am going to give an old one to my dad. So I want to change my name as admin along with putting in his details. How to you do that. The computer only has me as the only user/admin.


The process of cleaning out a Mac can be very simple if you keep your personal files in the places Apple suggests. The first step is to create a new user account for your father. This should also be an Administrator account. To create a new Administrator account, go to System Preferences and click on "Accounts." Click on the little locked padlock icon on the lower left corner of the window and enter your password when prompted. The icon should now be an unlocked padlock icon. Now click on the "+" button above the padlock. Enter your father's name and a password for him. If you help your father with his computer often, consider writing down the password and keeping it in your wallet. The last thing to do before you click the "Create Account" button is mark the checkbox that says, "Allow this user to administer this computer." Now you should see your father's account in the users list.Log out of your old account for the last time and log in as your father. Go back to the Accounts preference and unlock the padlock icon again. Now this time you are going to click once on your old account and then click on the "-" button. As long as you have all your data moved, you can click on the "Delete Immediately" button. Now this will be a clean system for the most part. Some people do not keep their personal data in the user account as Apple expects. In that situation you will have to drag these personal files to the trash, one at a time.Hope that works for you and your dad.

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