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Ask Max: Changing MacBook Keychain Info

Asked on 12/15/2008:

My MacBook tells me I need to change info in my keychain in order to get my email program to work correctly. How do I do that? I am an inexperienced computer user and have a 10.5.5 book.


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You will need to use a program called Keychain Access to do this and it is found on your Mac computer hard drive in the Utilities folder that is contained in the Applications folder. When you open that application, use the Search box in the upper right hand corner to search for ™mail™ and all your stored passwords for mail accounts should be shown.

What you do next depends on the problem you are having.

If you are trying to check mail but Mail is always sending the wrong password you can just delete the password item in Keychain Access by highlighting the item and pressing the [delete] key. Now Mail will ask you to reenter your password and you can then enter the correct one.

If you want to look at a saved password Keychain is using, you just need to double click on the password item. Then mark the checkbox for ™Show password:™, enter your computer’s login password, and then click the ™Allow™ button. You will then have the ability to see your password and edit it. After you like your edits you can click the Save Changes button.

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