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Ask Max: Changing a G4's case

Asked on 04/21/2008:

Can a Power Mac G4 MDD or Power Mac G4 AGP/500 be fitted with a new computer case mod, as with PC's? I would like to purchase the a Mac from Power Jacob, but I really don't like their looks. I'm tired of Windows-based computers.


Macs can be modded and many people are passionate about redesigning their Mac. We have a few of those people on staff here. The nice thing about the B&W G3 towers and the PowerMac G4 towers is that the plastic shells come off. Underneath is a metal case, in a mostly rectangle form. That metal can be died, painted or polished to meet your tastes. For many years my work computer had no plastics on it. That was not a style issue though, I took them off because we needed the plastic pieces to fix a customer's computer.

The MDD G4s do not look as smooth on the outside if you remove the plastic, but they do have some cool metal structures that protrude. Also, you can remove all the internals and place them in a different case altogether. Unfortunately, you will have to move standoffs and cut new port openings to get a Mac Logic board to fit in a PC case. It is better to start with the bare Mac case and add to it.

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