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Ask Max: Can you run two processors on a Macbook?

Asked on 05/19/2009:

I had seen an article about some techs hot-rodding an Apple laptop with two quad-core Xeon processors and OSX recognized all eight cores when benchmarked (jaw drops). Which laptop model(s) have two processor sockets compatible with Itanium or Xeon layouts?


I would be interested in seeing that article, because to my knowledge there is no way to have two processors on an Apple laptop. Apple solders their processor directly to the logic board of the MacBook (Pro)s, which prevent replacement or exchange. I know some brave souls have removed soldered-on processors and reattached faster processors in the past, but it takes specialized soldering equipment. Modern Mac portables do not contain a socketed processor that a home tech could work on.

Perhaps the article was not about an Apple laptop but upgrading the processors on a Mac Pro. I once corresponded with a Intel employee who upgraded his Mac Pro with Quad Core processors before Apple offered the option.

Please send me the link to the article if I am completely wrong. Thanks!


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