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Ask Max: Can You Run a PowerBook in Dual Display Mode?

Asked on 05/26/2006:

Is it possible to use one PowerBook to run the display of another PowerBook's in dual display mode?


The short answer is no you can't do that, but I have never been the short answer kind of person. Laptop displays are not just thin monitors bolted to a computer but instead are integrated components of a whole computer system. There is no monitor port inside a laptop that you could connect up to from another computer. That is why I say that you cannot use a PowerBook as a second monitor. But I just can't leave your question alone.

There was once some PC software that could take any two computers and make them act as one system. I saw it once on an old TechTV program called "The Screen Savers," and after that never heard of it again. I cannot remember the name and I do not think they ever made it into a real product you could buy, but it was exactly what you wanted.

The only other option that came to mind was importing a video feed from your main PowerBook onto your "second display" PowerBook. By connecting the S-Video connection of the main PowerBook to a FireWire Video Converter you could display a TV quality version of your spanned desktop on another computer. The "Second Display" PowerBook would need to be running a viewer application like Video Viewer and be connected to the FireWire Video Converter.

Now, both these ideas are not very useful to you in any practical application. The program I saw was not produced and was made only for Windows and the money you would spend on the FireWire Video Converter could buy you a LCD display. Trust me, you will like the image of a LCD Display better than the TV image on a PowerBook. So my simple recommendation is to buy a second monitor.

I know this was confusing but hopefully fun to read.

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