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Ask Max: Can you mount a 21.5™ iMac on a Vesa mount without the stand?

Asked on 04/29/2010:

I read on the site that you guys sell a VESA compliant 21.5™ iMac. Can you tell me what that looks like? Ideally I would like to mount a 21.5™ iMac on a VESA mount without the supplied stand. Is this possible?

Many thanks,

- Graham



If you must do this with the smaller screen iMacs, then you have to use a similar Vesa adapter, but the stand no longer needs to remain attached to the iMac. Only older iMacs will need to keep the stand attached.

Pictures are available at the Vesa website with additional product information. They appear to have a pretty broad array of iMac mounts, so there is more than likely something that will fit your needs.

PowerMax sells some Vesa mounts and adapters as well. 

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