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Ask Max: Can you dual boot Win 98 and a Mac OS?

Asked on 06/30/2010:

I have an Athlon XP1700+ based PC, Elite ECS K7S5A PRO motherboard, currently running Win98SE. I now find our niece is getting a MacBook through her high school, and since I am about the only relative she has that is somewhat computer fluent, I would like to find a way to, say, dual-boot between 98 and some version of MacOS that will run on the same machine...any ideas? I haven't been able to find a definitive answer anywhere...

New hardware is just too expensive...


- Jim


Getting a Dual boot system out of that hardware will not be possible. The Mac OS needs to run on Apple hardware or the brave can attempt to build a "Hackintosh" but you need to have a system with a compatible Intel based processor.

Even If you were to buy a Mac to run the Mac OS and Windows on the same system, you would have to run Windows XP SP2 or higher alongside the Mac OS. Hope that helps answer your question, new hardware and Windows software is the only way to dual boot.

- Jacob

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