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Ask Max: Can the iPod nano play videos and display song lists?

Asked on 01/14/2009:

I currently have an iPod Shuffle but would really like the option of seeing what songs are on it and scan through the list picking out songs that fit my current mood. By upgrading to the iPod Nano will I be able to view the list of individual songs and then scroll to various ones to play?


Yes the iPod nano has a wonderful screen that will give you many ways to interact visually with your music. The iPod Shuffle is an anomaly in the iPod family. It is the only iPod introduced that had less features than the original iPod. The ability to scroll, and now flip, through your music and video collections is one of the trademark advantages of an iPod over other MP3 players. The Shuffle is Apple’s low-cost alternative to the iPod, or as a second iPod for strenuous activities.

The Nano is a great choice, we have a few in my house, but an older generation used iPod will also work for you, as long as they are not Shuffles.

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