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Ask Max: Can my Mac cube support a 23 inch Cinema display?

Asked on 05/13/2010:


I am trying to connect a 23-inch Apple Clear Acrylic Cinema HD Display to my G4 Cube. I suspect that I need to upgrade the graphics card. The Display's power light illuminates, but the Display fails to illuminate at all. Since the G4 Cube has worked fine with my 17-inch Clear Acrylic Studio Display, I believe the graphics card is working, but incapable of supporting the 23-inch HD Display. Please advise what options PowerMax has available to resolve this issue, if it can be resolved.

Please be advised that both my 17-inch Studio Display and 23-inch Cinema HD Display both utilize the hard-wired Apple Display Connector (ADC) and the sole cable and connector for video and other services.




Apple 23" ADC Display Yes you are correct that the Apple Cinema HD Display 23" will require a better video card than what your Cube has.

That display needs an ADC connection from a card with 32MB of Video RAM. It is likely that your video card is underpowered for that display. Replacement parts are hard to find, we do not have any, but you may be able to find a card from a high end Cube for sale online.

Hope that helps


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