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Ask Max: Can I use my new nano with USB 1.1?

Asked on 09/20/2006:

I'm interested in buying the new iPod nano that was announced yesterday. I see that it requires USB 2.0 and my iBook G3 has USB 1.1. I think USB 1.1 will work, only slower than 2.0, also will I have to get any type of adapter to make it work?


With the introduction of the Fifth Generation iPods, Apple officially dropped FireWire support for iPods and made the iPod a USB 2.0 device. Fortunately the iPods do support data transfers at the slower speed of USB 1.1 and you can use it with your iBook. The problem you will encounter is that USB 1.1 will not charge your iPod nano. USB 2.0 provides more power than 1.1, and there are no upgrades you can do to your laptop to change that. The best solution is to buy a USB wall charger. ( Charge your iPod before you connect it to the computer so it does not lose power when updating. Other than adding the charger to your order, you will be ready to get that new iPod.Enjoy your nano. I love mine.

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