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Ask Max: Can I use multiple iPods with one iTunes library?

Asked on 12/18/2009:

Can I use two iPods from the iTunes program I have on my computer? My older 4GB iPod was not large enough to hold the data. I purchased through PowerMax, a new 120GB iPod. Can I still load partial data from iTunes on the older 4GB unit?




Absolutely, my wife and I share a central computer and pool our music and TV shows together in one iTunes library. She has one iPod just for music in her car and another one with her favorite music and her recorded TV shows. I just have an iPhone but they all coexist in one iTunes library. We even have a 1st generation iPod Shuffle to help the person who draws the short straw and has to vacuum.

iTunes uses the serial number of the iPod to keep track of witch iPod has what settings for synchronization. So plug them both in without any worries.

- Jacob

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