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Ask Max: Can I return an unused MobileMe account?

Asked on 07/26/2010:

Hi Jacob.

When I bought my iMac (love it!) from PowerMax I also bought MobileMe for $99. It was recommended by my daughter, but she didn't realize that I don't use an iPhone or iPod touch. I only do email from my computer.

Is it possible to return it for a refund? I never activated it.




MobileMeI know that AppleCare can be returned to Apple for a prorated price based on the time that has been used. I imagine that Apple may also offer the same return option for unused MobileMe. I have never called in to test this so I can not say for sure. Box copies of MobileMe can be used by anyone and the code inside does not expire so if your daughter wants to use it she can use it to extend her MobileMe account.

I have been using a version of MobileMe since it was first introduced almost a decade ago. It is not a service just for iPhone or iPod users. You can publish your own webpage, post your photos online in one click from your computer, and allow access to your mail/calendars/address book when away from your computer.

Before you decide what to do, consider signing up for the free MobileMe trail and try to use all the services it offers. Then you can make a solid discussion of what you would like to do with the MobileMe you bought.

Hope this helps,


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