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Ask Max: Can I put the drives from a G4 466 Power Mac into a Quicksilver and run OS 10.4.9?

Asked on 11/23/2009:

I currently have a G4 quicksilver Dual 800 (purchased from PowerMax refurb). It is exhibiting what I suspect to be a failing motherboard. I may have access to a working G4 466

chassis which simply doesn't have a startup drive. The question: Can I install the 2 internal drives that I have in the Quicksilver and put them in the 466 and have a running OS 10.4.9 machine? Using specs from, it appears that they share the same type of memory. And it seems that the type of drive is the same, except the 466

shipped with a 5200 rpm drive, whereas the QS shipped with a 7200 rpm drive.

Any thoughts? I am simultaneously thinking about buying a refurb G5 from you guys.


- Harry


The 466MHz Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio) was technically very close to the 1st generation of Quicksilver G4, so you should have no issues moving your older drives over. The RAM and hard drive bus are the same between the two models.

Jumping computers should work well for you, except for the drop in processor speed and the reduction of overall processors.

- Jacob

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