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Ask Max: Can I install a floppy disk-based application on my G5?

Asked on 03/20/2009:

I have been using a Mac Performa as my midi music sequencer for years. The monitor is finally going dim and the computer is getting loud.....
The only outboard adapter I see on the back has a SCSI connection. Can I upgrade to the G5 to transfer the Mark of the Unicorn Sequencing Program from the old Mac Performa via a SCSI cable to USB.........? The original program is on three 3.5 disks.




In this case it may be easier to get a Floppy Drive for your G5 iMac, opposed to trying to connect your used Mac to this newer one. Fortunately Floppy drives are relatively cheap and will work for transferring files from the old system, in addition to allowing you to install this older application. I have been fond of the LaCie USB floppy drive and think you will like it as well.

Hope this helps

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